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EBusWiz - Boomer MarketingMy name is Leon Williams and I am the owner & founder of EBusWiz – Boomer Marketing

I have found that in today’s economy it is really necessary to add an additional income stream or streams to one’s total monthly income.

An income stream or income streams which provides additional money without having to work many additional hours per day and having to exchange time for money, like an additional job.

This is also particularly true for persons who are starting to think about retirement or who are already retired.

And that is what this web site is all about!

Providing information on business opportunities for persons wanting to add additional income streams.

Related to the business opportunities are of course also information required about the tools and methods for the creation of a web presence, driving traffic, follow up with prospects or customers, etc. I do spend a lot of time on these tools and methods as well for my subscribers via e-mails.

I have been involved in the financial services and banking industry for most of my life, specialising in data, analytics and automation of systems. In 2008 I went free-lance as a project  / programme manager involved in automation projects for data and analytics reporting. During the following years I became even more specialised and for the past 7 years have been focusing on FATCA / CRS tax compliance projects for reporting to various tax authorities across the world (You can see my company page here, if you want to look at all)

We (my family and I) have lived in various countries across the world and currently reside in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Although I am still doing tax reporting and systems as a project / programme manager for the financial services industry, I realised that I too need additional and various sources of (passive) income. Due to all the ups and downs I experienced in this quest, as well as all the misinformation dished out to persons starting off on this journey, I decided to create EBusWiz – Boomer Marketing to assist my fellow travelers on this journey.

I am by means a Guru or a whizz kid making millions of dollars per hour, nor do I have the magic red push button to provide anyone with an automated cash machine which spews out dollars at a touch – sorry. What I do have is a lot of experience to share, what to avoid, what works and what can be used …… and I hope this will be of assistance to you in your quest.

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