Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge

Quick Start Challenge Week 2

dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge As you all probable have gathered I am taking part in the Quick Start Challenge  – and this is part of the Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge. Each week we have an assignment and this week is about four topics: Why you have started building…

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quick start challenge

The Quick Start Challenge

Overview of the The Quick Start Challenge rawpixel / Pixabay Earning profit from an online business is a very popular topic and dream for many people. Unfortunately the failure rate is pretty high – some people find it easy, most do not. Most people also do not have the required skills to master this type…

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Program combats ageism by having students live with seniors

WALLINGFORD, Conn. –  Victoria Kozar, like many students, met one of her best friends while in college. The now 23-year-old, who attended Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, says she and Beth lived in the same building and spent hours talking about everything from boyfriends to baking. Her other friends are usually surprised when they find out…

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Secret to SaaS Success

Secret To SaaS Success: Distinguish That You’re Not Selling Software I’ve been working in the software industry for over 25 years. Moderately much my entire professional career( if you don’t weigh that stint as a darknes salesclerk at Red Roof Inn ). Back in the late 1900 s, when you sold application, you sold software.…

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You vs. Data: Where people fit in modern retail marketing strategy

Contributor Steve Tutelman advocates for three important attitude shifts that can enable your organization to use data efficiently and effectively. The post You vs. data: Where people fit in modern retail marketing strategy appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Read more:

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A Reminder To Not Stop Caring This Year

Ariel Lustre There’s an excitement that surrounds a new year. We yearn for a change and subscribe to this ideology that a new year will help bring forth that change. It’s why gyms are full for the first four weeks, why fad diets spend extra money on marketing, and why we each feel more intrinsically…

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Netflix’s ‘creepy’ tweet about ‘A Christmas Prince’ faces backlash on social media

“A Christmas Prince.”  (Netflix) Netflix is facing backlash on Twitter after the streaming service tweeted a note that seemed to share very detailed information about customers’ viewing habits, all while mocking them. “To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?” wrote Netflix on Sunday,…

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How a Welsh jeans firm became a cult global brand

With a look of concentration on her face, a worker guides the sheet of denim through the sewing machine, and a pair of jeans starts to take shape. As the needle goes up and down in a blur of movement and rattling noise, a line of stitching starts to form a neat trouser leg. When…

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McDonald’s Black Friday tweet is a classic social media fail

Incoming Twitter fail in 3, 2, 1… Image: Alain Le Bot/Photononstop/getty images For big name brands like McDonald’s, it’s crucial to get your marketing and promotion spot on — especially on big holidays. Mistakes do happen, though. SEE ALSO: Bad idea alert: Retail employees are trying to sell their uniforms for Black Friday shoppers On…

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An Open Letter To The Quintessential Almost Girlfriend

Samuel Lopez You probably don’t know I’m addressing you, sweet girl. You have probably been lied to by him and yourself too many times now, that you actually believe it’s only a matter of days. You believe you are the ‘pre-girlfriend’. That you are in the sweet spot before the label, the courting phase, the…

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