Simple, visceral, fun: why the ancient sport of kabaddi is enjoying a resurgence

India is hosting the first Kabaddi World Cup for nine years, and a once quaint pastime a mix of red rover, wrestling and tag is getting a makeover Although still largely unknown outside of South Asia, kabaddi is an ancient Indian sport in the midst of a resurgence on the subcontinent. Outdating more dominant (and…

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10 Government Officials Who Admitted The Existence Of Aliens

10 Government Officials Who Admitted The Existence Of Aliens Many are convinced the government is hushing up the existence of aliens to keep people from being terrified if they knew the truth. The evidence? Look no further than the government officials who have allegedly let slip the truth. 10John Podesta Says The Public Is Ready…

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UK Theatre Awards: Paapa Essiedu wins for RSC’s first black Hamlet – BBC News

He said: “It’s significant in that the RSC is a national organisation that should represent everyone in our country regardless of your creed, colour, religion, sexuality, whatever. “As such you would expect something like this to have happened before. But I think it was really important that it was happening now and we were really…

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