Terrifying Fire Tornado At Whiskey Factory Caught On Camera

This incredible video shows footage of a devastating fire tornado that started at a Jim Beam whiskey factory after it was struck by lightning during a storm. This caused up to 800,000 gallons (3 million liters) of whiskey to flow into the lake and ignite, leading to the fearsome phenomenon seen in the video.

Luckily for the factory, the fire tornado was confined the lake and didnt cause any damage to the building or any injuries to anyone in the area, though the whiskey that spilled into the water was likely to kill many of the fish that live there.

Fire tornadoes, also known as fire whirls or a firenado, are not as rare as you might think. The freak occurrence is essentially just a whirlwind that has been caused by a fire, with hot air rapidly rising and sweeping up fiery ashes and flames. They can reach incredibly high temperatures that can ignite more ash or other material that is collected by the whirling wind. This means that they can last for up to an hour and are incredibly difficult to put out, even with advanced firefighting techniques and equipment.



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